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Myth #1 - Chiropractors are not real doctors.
A chiropractic college grants a D.C. or Doctorate of Chiropractic degree. Chiropractors are licensed as health care providers in every U.S. state and dozens of countries around the world. While the competition for acceptance in chiropractic school is not as fierce as medical school, the chiropractic and medical school curricula are extremely rigorous and virtually identical. In fact, chiropractors have more hours of classroom education than their medical counterparts. As part of their education, chiropractic students also complete a residency working with real patients in a clinical setting, supervised by licensed doctors of chiropractic. Once chiropractic students graduate, they have to pass four sets of national board exams as well as state board exams in the states where they want to practice.
Myth #2 - Medical doctors don't like chiropractors.
Several major studies have shown the superiority of chiropractic in helping people with a host of conditions, and medical doctors developed a better understanding as to what chiropractors actually do. Many people have returned to their medical doctors and told them about the great results they experienced at their chiropractors office. Hospitals across the country now have chiropractors on staff, and many chiropractic offices have medical doctors on staff. Chiropractors and medical doctors are now much more comfortable working together in cases where medical care is necessary as an adjunct to chiropractic care. As a matter of fact Dr. Horn is married to a medical doctor!
Myth #3 Once you start to go, you always have to go.
The amount of chiropractic care you utilize is always up to you. Most patients who see the positive changes in the way they feel choose to maintain chiropractic care as part of their wellness lifestyle.  Actually, recommending that patients return for periodic care is no different than what dentists recommend to their patients in order to prevent cavities and gum disease.Our spinal tissues undergo daily bombardment of stresses originating from bad postural habits, suboptimal work environments, psychological stress, and hectic lifestyles just to name a few. For these reasons, after the resolution of acute problems patients are given the option to receive periodic spinal checkups which acts to minimize the likelihood of future recurrences or development of new problems. 
Dr. Horn offers care for the following stages: Relief care/short-term, Rehabilitative care and Wellness care/long-term.
Please see the following links for information on safety of chiropractic.
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